Returnal Developer Hasn’t Figured Out How to Add Saves Yet

As great as Returnal is (and it really is great), it’s not without issues. No game ever is, of course, and with Returnal, those issues have taken the form of technical problems (that Housemarque has been ironing out with regular patches) and the inability to save your game in the middle of a run- which, considering how long a single run in Returnal can be, is a bit of a problem.

Players have been asking for a mid-run save option to be added in since the game launched, but it doesn’t seem to be on the docket yet. Shortly after launch, the developer said that though it’s listening to feedback from players, it had nothing to announce on that front yet. Now, in a recent interview with Axios Gaming (via VGC), Housemarque’s marketing director Mikael Havari reiterated that.

Havari says that “there are some systems in place” in the game that are “a hindering factor” where adding mid-run saves is concerned. After acknowledging calls for the feature and the players’ feedback again, Havari said about next steps for Housemarque in terms of tackling the issue, “currently, we just don’t know exactly what it is. So it’s very difficult to announce anything, because I think there’s a lot of different people looking for different things.”

Returnal is available exclusively on PS5.

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They will figure it out soon enough.


I'm sure it won't be long now until they solve the issue

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