Starfield Leaks Are Flooding the Internet

Starfield leaks and reports are flooding the Internet right now. For example, an image of what looks like art for the game has leaked. According to the leaker who leaked the image, it was found through the Bethesda CDN, and it appears it may have originated from the source code. Whatever the case, the leaker who originally posted it has since deleted the post, but not before Reddit got its receipt. The image itself isn't very interesting. It shows off what looks like a space station, some space ships, and a watch. That said, what's interesting is that it lines up with previously leaked screenshots of the game, giving both sets of leaks a bit of validity.

The leaks don't stop here though. Bethesda also just sent out a survey to players asking them a variety of questions. And for whatever reasons the survey -- which has been verified -- asks players about how much time they spend customizing their character, home, and spaceships. The survey doesn't mention Starfield, but it's unclear what else this question could be in reference to.

The leaks don't stop here either. During a recent episode of the Xbox Era podcast, industry insider and leaker Nick "Shpeshal Ed" Baker relayed word that he's confident the game is releasing this year because Microsoft is, according to his sources, already purchasing advertisement time for the game for this year, which isn't something you would do unless the game is releasing this year or early 2022 at the latest.

Okay, this is where the leaks stop. This is all we have on the game, at least at the moment, and it's important to remember that everything that is here needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

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Yeah, noticed it a few days ago, leaking allover the place

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