Xbox wishes they "had more supply" of Xbox Series X

Xbox head of gaming services Ben Decker has spoken to GamesRadar about the Xbox Series X launch and how the company "wishes we had more supply, but we're working all the time".

Talking to GR+ as part of our look back at Xbox Series X six months later, Decker was keen to highlight how he felt about the Xbox Series X launch. He said: "I think it's our best ever launch. I think it's the fastest, most powerful console ever made and I think it's been a fantastic launch.

"There's a lot of demand and people are really excited about the new consoles, and in the meantime, we're going to continue support across all [our] different platforms so you will have plenty of options of where to play and we're trying to continue to fulfil the demand of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S."

Decker's comments come at a time where most companies are struggling to match supply with demand. Sony CFO's has recently told analysts that he expects PS5 shortages to continue into 2022, due to a worldwide semiconductor shortage. Both Xbox and PS5 consoles have been at the mercy of it, something which AMD CEO Lisa Su addressed at the start of the year, but that hasn't stopped either from being an instant success for their respective companies.

Decker sums this up by telling GR+: "We've gotten a lot of positive feedback about the choice we've created across the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and we've been really pleased with the launch, it gratified that it's something that our fans have found a lot of value in the new consoles."

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Same i wish i could buy one if i wanted too but good thing one one s works wonders!


who ever wants an xbox series x or s i can hook you up since here in canada we have abounch of stocks at best buy eb games and walmart, for real though here in canada we have abounch of stock, which is funny americans get all the ps5 stock we get all the xbox stock.

still sucks that this shortage is lasting longer then expected


Yeah, and their pending customers do too

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