Nioh Series Has Sold 5 Million Units

In a recent tweet, Team Ninja announced that the Nioh series has sold over five million units worldwide. The developer expressed its “deepest gratitude” to players and said it hopes they’ll look forward to “Team Ninja’s new titles.” While updated sales numbers for Nioh 2 weren’t provided, publisher Koei Tecmo revealed that over 1.4 million copies had been shipped as of January 2021.

Nioh 1 first launched in February 2017 and would come to PC later that year. Nioh 2 released in March 2020 for PS4 first before eventually coming to PS5 and PC this past February. Instead of William, the protagonist is Hide, a half-yokai demon slayer, who contends with the enigmatic Kashin Koji. The goal is still slaying hordes of yokai but this time, players can shift into different yokai forms to counter attacks. Soul Cores also drop from defeated foes which bestow yokai abilities.

Like its predecessor, Nioh 2 received three story DLC and numerous updates that have been collected into Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition.

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Congrats to them for 5 mill units!!

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