Titanfall 2 has had a surge of new players

The latest Legend coming to Season 9 of Apex Legends was revealed earlier this week, and as promised, the new character, Valkyrie, has quite a bit to do with the events of Titanfall 2, Respawn's first-person shooter that is set in the same universe. Since this reveal, it seems like many fans have found themselves either wanting to revisit Titanfall 2 or have opted to play the game for the first time as the player numbers for the 2016 shooter have since increased drastically.

Since last weekend, the number of players that have been playing Titanfall 2 on PC via Steam has shot through the roof. Earlier this month, the game was still seeing around 2,000 active players within the game at any given moment. However, within the last week, those numbers have grown by over tenfold. At its peak over the last week, 16,732 people were playing Titanfall 2 at a single time on Steam. While that might not seem like a lot compared to some other major releases, it's a pretty big deal for a game that hasn't had traction like this in quite some time.

Although we can't see exact player numbers for Titanfall 2 on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, it stands to reason that those consoles have likely seen resurgences as well. As a whole, Titanfall 2 has been a whole lot more talked-about on social media as well. Some of these instances of discussion related to the game have even come from those at Respawn who have encouraged players to go back and play Titanfall 2 right now.

It remains to be seen just how long this renewed interest in Titanfall 2 will last. At the very least, it's likely that the game will continue to see a surge of new players leading up to the launch of Apex Legends Season 9, which drops on May 4th. Whether or not fans stick around in Titanfall 2 afterward we'll have to wait and see. Still, it has to be cool for Respawn to see its nearly five-year-old shooter getting so much love all over again.

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