Xbox Update Adds Audio Passthrough, Better Quick Resume

A new update for Xbox OS went live April 19 for Xbox Update Preview users, and it will soon add two small but important features to your favorite Xbox console. The update adds a new audio feature and makes a helpful addition to Quick Resume.

First, the update will add audio passthrough to the console, meaning that audio will "pass through" the console with minimal effect. While the specifics of digital audio can be complicated, in layman's terms, this basically means that the Xbox will pass the audio on to a receiver with no processing or effects. This means that your Xbox can pass the signal onto your receiver, which will allow for a surround sound or similar setup with less cables than usual.

Second, the update will give users a new group that will show all games that are currently running in Quick Resume mode. The Guide will also indicate if the game you're currently playing supports Quick Resume. This was a much-requested feature, so hopefully it means that you won't be confused when a game spits you back into the middle of a heated fight that you don't remember starting anymore.

The update also includes a few small fixes that reflect local languages across the console. The blog post accompanying the update states that Microsoft is still investigating several known issues, including disc titles not appearing in the dashboard and the audio mixer not being able to adjust in-game audio levels. A recent Xbox update made a change that should increase the console's download speeds. Microsoft also recently announced that its cloud streaming service Xbox Cloud Gaming will go into limited beta this week.

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