Wasteland 3 DLC The Battle of Steeltown Announced

Wasteland 3 will receive new DLC content in June when The Battle of Steeltown narrative expansion releases. Announced by inXile Entertainment and Deep Silver, the expansion will center around a worker rebellion. As a result, manufacturing in Steeltown has ceased, and the Rangers have been sent in to investigate. There will be choices that players will have to make during the new campaign, and those choices will have an impact on the story. Players will be able to enjoy the game's first narrative expansion in single-player, or in co-op. The expansion will also add several new elements, including weapons, armor, and enemies.

Steeltown is a new factory complex that players will be able to navigate in the expansion. The factory provides the guns, armor, and vehicles the Patriarch needs to maintain control over Colorado. If allowed to continue, the shutdown could have a massive impact on the war effort, but players will have to decide for themselves whether or not that's a good thing.

In a press release, game director David Rogers discussed the upcoming DLC content.

"The Battle of Steeltown represents not just a fantastic new chapter in Wasteland 3’s story," said Rogers. "Full of choice, consequence, and Wasteland 3’s unique brand of humor, it’s also a culmination of all the hard work we’ve put into the game since launch. For those playing Wasteland 3 for the first time, they’ll be playing the best version of the game. For players coming back to visit Steeltown, they're in for a treat with new story, characters, and combat mechanics that really change up tactics in challenging new ways."

Players that haven't finished the main game will be happy to know that The Battle of Steeltown will also feature scaled opponents, "ensuring level-appropriate challenges." The expansion will also add new gameplay mechanics, which can then be used in the base game, as well!

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