Valheim Necromancy Mod lets you summon spooky scary skeletons

Valheim Necromancy mod lets you dabble in the dark arts by summoning undead skeletons to fight alongside you.

Valheim players who are looking to get into the darker side of fantasy gaming will be thrilled to learn that there is now a Necromancy mod for the game, which lets you summon up to eight friendly skeleton warriors to aid you in battle. Rather than modding the game to give your character inherent class abilities though, the Necromancy mod gives you mastery of the undead with a new 'Convoking Wand' item.

Nothing comes for free when you’re meddling with the occult though, as using the Convoking Wand will cost you health every time you use it. You can also heal, sacrifice, and command your skeleton horde using the wand. Your skeleton buddies will teleport with you and follow you around too, so you don’t need to worry about them getting lost.

The Necromancy Mod was created by flppyflip3 and is currently free for download over at NexusMods. You can see some GIFs of the mod on the download page, or you can check out the video below which shows the mod in action.

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