Borderlands 3 Reveals Unbelievable Deleted Scene

The official Borderlands Twitter account has revealed an emotionally charged deleted scene from Borderlands 3 that players can't believe was cut before the game released in 2019. The scene was shared as a promo for the recently released Director's Cut add-on for the game, and the clip that was cut from the game before release involves the player and Ava. And as the official social media account warns, it contains spoilers and is the "most emotional" of the game's various deleted scenes.

On the surface level, this may sound hyperbolic, but it's pretty accurate, and judging by the replies, it should have been in the game, as all of the top relies are from fans confused why Gearbox decided to cut what is not only an emotional scene, but a major character-building scene.

That said, it sounds like cutting the scene wasn't easy, with co-lead writer Sam Winkler noting its release with the Director's Cut add-on is "bittersweet."

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