WWE 2K22 Reveals First Teaser Trailer

2K got the hype train moving when they revealed that the first look at the next WWE 2K game would be seen at WrestleMania 37, and they delivered what they promised. During the loaded Night 1 card we got our first look at a trailer for the game, which focused on Rey Mysterio and Cesaro throwing down in the ring. The trailer zooms in close to Mysterio to show off the improved graphics, and then we see him enter the ring and dish out some of that stylish offense of his against the Swiss Superman.

We don't get to see Cesaro's face much, so I'm not sure about the likeness, but at one point he's resting. on the ropes, and you can see the attention to detail in his arms and legs. We see Mysterio dish out a 619, showing off the new animation, and the brief teaser ends with the tagline "It Hits Different", which is going to be a running theme throughout 2K22's rollout.

WWE 2K20 suffered from a host of bugs and glitches at launch, as well as issues with online play. Most of those were addressed in patches, but they caused some sizable holes in WWE's bottom line from that division, and many were happy to see 2K and Visual Concepts take some extra time in between titles to address more of the core issues and present a more polished project.

That said, the core gameplay was still fun and the story mode, focus on the Women's Revolution, and switched up DLC approach were all entertaining, so if those can return with even more polish and refinement, WWE 2K could be off to a great start in its return.

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