Valheim VR mod is still in the works but it's already impressive

A Valheim VR mod will let you explore your own personal 10th realm as if you're really there.

As spotted by PC Gamer, the mod by Brandon Mousseau lets you play your standard copy of Valheim with SteamVR - the modder has only tested it using a Valve Index headset, but it should work with others including Oculus Quest with a link cable as well. The mod works by turning your Viking's head invisible, suspending the game camera right about where your eyes should go, and altering the way the user interface is displayed to work better in virtual reality - though you can still pull the camera back to play in third person if you prefer.

As it stands now, the mod is built to be played while seated at a mouse and keyboard. You can use pointer controls to navigate around your inventory and other UI, and Mousseau is working on more fully featured support for motion controls - someday soon you may be able to feel the satisfaction of sending a greyling shaman soaring with one well-placed swing of your mace. Though you might feel something else if you tend to have trouble with VR sickness.

"As Valheim was not made for VR, this implementation isn't going to be as comfortable as a built-for-VR game," Mousseau warns. "If VR tends to make you feel queasy, then this mod probably isn't for you."

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