Fallout New Vegas Studio Obsidian is Seemingly Developing a Secret RPG

There's a lot going on over at Obsidian Entertainment right now. Not only did the studio just release its most recent expansion for The Outer Worlds, but it's also still working on titles like Avowed and Grounded. While that's already quite a bit for a single studio to have on its plate, it looks as though Obsidian has another project in the works as well, with some of the details on this future game being quite intriguing.

Over on Twitter recently, user @monster_wer collected some interesting pieces of info that appeared in a number of employee pages on LinkedIn. Based on the details that were found, a fourth team within Obsidian is apparently working right now on an all-new, secret project. Further information on what this game could be wasn't really given, although it looks as though it has been in the works since 2019. Additionally, one developer mentioned that the title was currently a "prototype", meaning that it could seemingly fall apart in the future.

The one thing that we do seem to know for certain, however, is that the game will be within the RPG genre. One developer who is a systems designer at Obsidian and is seemingly working on this title mentioned on their own LinkedIn page that they are creating "RPG progression" systems. Considering the RPG genre is the one that Obsidian works with the most, this isn't all that shocking to hear about.

Of course, the notion that Obsidian is making another RPG will surely have many fans of the studio begging for the company to work on a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas. The ever-popular open-world RPG is likely Obsidian's most popular game ever made and many who adore the title have been hoping to see a sequel for quite some time. That being said, the likelihood of this new game being New Vegas 2 seems pretty low. Although Bethesda and Obsidian are now owned by the same parent company in Microsoft, the fact that this new project has been in the works since 2019 means that it's surely something else entirely.

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New Vegas remastered is the dream but it's unlikely I feel like :(

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