Evil Genius 2: World Domination Gets Host Of Tweaks For Day 1 Patch

At the end of the month, you’ll be able to get in touch with your evil side with Evil Genius 2: World Domination. The long awaited follow up will see you take on the role of one of four distinct evil genius characters in an effort to take over the world. As with most major releases nowadays, there’s also a day 1 patch to consider, and now we have a list of the many tweaks it’ll be getting with it.

Developer Rebellion released the full patch notes on their official Discord. There is quite a lot here, including fixes for general stability as well as specific changes to the four genius’ campaigns, such as spiderbots hitting things more reliability or certain objectives being tweaked.

Crash fixes and stability improvements
Improved Shadow quality
General balance adjustments
Super Agents, Crime Lords, and Narrative Characters will arrive at the Lair more reliably
Super Agents and Narrative Antagonists appear on the World Map more reliably
Incinerator queuing functions as intended: No more pile-ups of Body Bags!
Event Log notifications correctly clear once Deserting minions have left the Lair
Event Log notifications reduced when many minions enter combat
A number of Scheme costs have been rebalance
Various text, localisation, and icon improvements
Objectives correctly reward the full Gold amount listed if there is sufficient space in the player’s Vault
Characters now disembark the Cruise Ship more elegantly when arriving at the “Caine Key” island Lair
Captives can be interrogated on the same Trap multiple times
Minions will correctly stow weapons before Interrogating characters on Traps
Updated Doomsday Cavern entrances to be visible from higher floors
Audio added for Geniuses using their Inner Sanctum items, mocking captives
Dialogue volume adjustments during narrative scenes
Updated Island preview images in the Lair Selection screen
Narrative Characters will no longer duplicate in unusual circumstances
Heat increases significantly more slowly when playing a campaign on the “Easy” difficulty setting
Completed Objectives now display in reverse-chronological order
Improved gamepad support
HUD is correctly displayed on Nvidia Surround and AMD Eyefinity multi-display setups
Narrative Characters cannot be prematurely executed

Evil Genius Campaigns
Emma’s Spiderbot completes Executions more reliably
Ivan’s campaign objective, “Rumour Has It” updated to provide greater player freedom
Narrative dialogue will no longer repeat during Maximilian’s “War on Krast” Objective
During Zalika’s “Perfect Pitch” Objective, the Objective will correctly track if you have already built the V.O.I.D. Prototype item
During Zalika’s campaign Objective “Perfect Pitch”, Investors can leave the Lair without impacting progress

Side Stories
Side Stories can no longer be started before unlocking any advanced minion types they require
Crime Lords are reliably converted to full Henchmen upon completion of their Side Story
The Declaration of Independence cannot be prematurely reclaimed by the Forces of Justice during the “Fool’s Gold” Side Story
Wrecking Bola destroys items in the Lair more reliably
Scheme “Made from Sternum Stuff” correctly despawns after completing the Side Story “Them Bones”
IRIS’ combat VFX now correctly fade when combat has completed
During the “North by North” Objective, Jubei will no longer enter a homicidal rage and start murdering innocent Tourists

Sandbox Mode
Tourists spawn in Sandbox mode at the correct rate
Security Desks and Cameras are now unlocked in Sandbox Mode

Evil Genius 2 releases March 30 on Steam. You can also download the latest Evil Genius 2 Trainer from WeMod.

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