The Ascent Trailer Showcases 4 Player Co-op Chaos

Neon Giant’s The Ascent received a new trailer during the [email protected] Showcase, looking as snazzy as ever. The neon-drenched future still promises heaps of violence with up to four players joining in the action. Check it out below.

The story starts with the fall of The Ascent Group with the world spiraling into mayhem. Players must take up arms to protect their district, fighting off hostile gangs and other corporations while investigating the cause. The gameplay is from an isometric perspective with action RPG elements as players acquire different weapons and augments to take down foes. Best of all, there are no loading screens when transitioning from one area to the next.

The Ascent doesn’t have a release date yet but it’s still coming this year for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will support 4K Ultra HD and 60 FPS along with Smart Delivery while being available at launch on Game Pass. Stay tuned for more details on it in the coming days.

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