Star Wars: Squadrons Studio Reportedly Working on Another Popular IP

Even though it just finished working on Star Wars: Squadrons less than a year ago, EA Motive is already working on its next project. And while we have yet to know just what this new game might be, a new report has come about that at the very least lets us know that it won't be a wholly original title.

Coming by way of the GamesBeat Decides podcast, hosts Jeff Grubb and Mike Minotti were asked by a listener about what EA Motive could be working on in the future. Grubb said that although he knows what the studio is now developing, he couldn't share the details at the moment. Minotti then stepped in and said that he also knows what the developer is making next, but only went as far to say that it is "an established IP." Whatever this game is, Grubb went on to say that he thinks fans will be happy with it.

The only downside about knowing that this next game from EA Motive is an IP that already exists is that, well, it doesn't really narrow down what the project could be. Even though we now have a good idea not to expect a completely original universe from the studio, the notion that this new game is based on an existing franchise doesn't help us out when it comes to reading the tea leaves. It also wasn't specified whether or not this IP is something that Electronic Arts owns, or if it is perhaps a third-party property in the same vein as Star Wars. As such, it's really hard to know what to expect.

If you're worried that what's being expressed here by Grubb and Minotti might not be accurate, you can likely believe what they're saying. Both Grubb and Minotti have very solid track records when it comes to their reporting, so there's a very high chance that they each know what Motive is doing next.

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