Diablo 4 Confirms More Routine Updates Coming In 2021

Other than its reveal back in 2019, the past few days have brought with it the most news we’ve had on Diablo 4 so far. And while we might not have another massive dump of information about the game in this manner for quite some time, Blizzard has ensured that more routine updates on development are still planned for this year.

Much as it did last year, Blizzard has confirmed that it will be doing quarterly updates for Diablo 4 over the course of 2021. Speaking to us here at ComicBook.com, Diablo 4’s Lead Systems Designer Joe Piepiora said that the routine updates for the game that transpired throughout all of 2020 will be continuing on throughout this year. While an update for the game won’t be happening this quarter given all of the information that was just disclosed during BlizzCon, more info will be coming at a later date.

Piepiora went on to say that the Diablo 4 quarterly updates aren’t just beneficial to fans who are looking to learn more about the upcoming action RPG, but it also helps the team at Blizzard know how their work is being received by the community. “We love the quarterly updates. It’s a great way for us because we’re so iterative as a development team,” Piepiora explained. “We love the idea of being able to put out like a blog post with some pretty detailed, meaty design information to give you a sense of how the game’s going to play and just seeing the community’s reaction to it. We do take that feedback that we get […] and we try to integrate that into our thinking as we are considering this stuff. It’s useful to get that feedback as we’re going through the process.”

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Source: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/diablo-4-quarterly-updates-2021/


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