Reports of a Far Cry 6 beta are part of "a phishing attempt"

Ubisoft says that an email regarding access to a Far Cry 6 beta is an attempted scam.

YouTuber theRadBrad tweeted last night saying that "there is an email from the official Ubisoft address going around that claims beta access to Far Cry 6," asking recipients to agree to a coverage embargo and sign in with a password to access the content. Rather than offering information about the upcoming game, however, the email contains a virus that "watches your screen and records everything you do."

Ubisoft has now confirmed that "the email regarding [Far Cry 6] beta access is a phishing attempt." 'Phishing' is a term referring to scams that center on attempts to access sensitive data from a person or organization by impersonating a trustworthy source, and in this case, it's Ubisoft. In a tweet, the developer's support branch said that the issue had been reported, and encouraged anyone who had received the relevant email not to respond.

We don't yet have a release date for Far Cry 6, although a Microsoft store listing suggests we could expect its arrival in late May. That might mean that some kind of early access might not be far away, but there's not much precedent from Ubisoft on that front, so it's probably worth assuming that this email is nothing but a scam.

In related news you can download a Far Cry 6 Trainer from WeMod at release.

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