Resident Evil Nintendo Switch Exclusive Reportedly Releasing This Year

While Resident Evil Village is slated to be the next mainline installment in the beloved horror series later this year, it might not be the only new entry in the franchise within 2021. Based on a new rumor from a credible leaker, Capcom has more plans for Resident Evil within the coming year, specifically for those on Nintendo Switch.

According to a leaker who goes by the name of Dusk Golem, Capcom is planning to release a new installment titled Resident Evil Outrage at some point in late 2021 or early 2022. Based on this report, the game is said to be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, at least initially. It’s also going to be similar to the Resident Evil Revelations sub-series and was previously planned to be the third entry in the series internally before being dubbed Outrage instead. Considering how the original Revelations game released solely for Nintendo 3DS initially, it makes sense that Outrage would follow this same pattern since the two games are similar to one another.

Regardless of when the game might release, Dusk Golem goes on to say that Resident Evil Outrage is planned to certainly be out within one year of Village. With Capcom currently celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise, it seems to be hoping to release Outrage on Switch this year to give Nintendo players some love since Village is only coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

And if you somehow doubt the validity of what Dusk Golem is expressing here, well, there’s already some proof that may back up their claims. Within Capcom’s massive leak which transpired last year, Resident Evil Outrage was specifically mentioned within the content that came out. Specifics of the game weren’t really given, but it proved that Capom does at the very least have plans to release this game in the future.

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Would work well on the switch if true. Would be cool if they had a switch version of it too


This is awesome, great games just keep coming to Nintendo !


Awesome this is going to be amazing for the switch.

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