PS5 Scalpers Aren't Happy About Everyone Hating Them

For the last few months, PlayStation 5 resellers have made life miserable for would-be console owners. As a result, those buying the consoles in order to flip them for much higher prices have received quite a bit of hatred from PlayStation fans, with some even reporting death threats. However, these resellers believe that they are simply misunderstood. In an effort to improve their reputations, a pair of PS5 resellers spoke to Forbes to share their side of the story. The first, named Jordan, attempted to explain why they believe it's okay to resell the console at such a significant profit.

“Essentially every business resells their products. Tesco, for example, buys milk from farmers for 26p or so per litre and sells it on for upwards of 70p per litre. No one ever seems to complain to the extent as they are currently doing towards ourselves," Jordan told Forbes.

Of course, supermarket chains don't use bots to make sure that they have the exclusive ability to sell milk, which is exactly what resellers like Jordan are doing. In fact, the UK is currently considering an outright ban on the scalping of video game consoles, as they fear it could "grow across other important goods and services this year." Left unchecked, certain goods could become just as hard to come by.

While some resellers attempt to rationalize the practice by drawing comparisons, others have attempted to showcase the potential benefits. Another reseller by the name of Regan told Forbes that these resell groups "can help people make some extra money for themselves."

"We do a lot for charity as well. I myself or collectively as a group donate to charity almost monthly at this point," Regan told Forbes. "Most notably over the past month we donated a large portion of our membership fees to a foodbank local to me." Forbes notes that Regan did not specify which charities were provided donations.

It will be interesting to see when the situation surrounding PS5 consoles improves. Sony is clearly struggling to keep up with demand, and resellers are exacerbating that problem. In the long run, that's hurting the PlayStation brand, and it's hurting gamers that can't afford to pay what these groups are charging.

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Most people cant go to the farm to pick up milk so tescos upcharge is a convenience fee. The scalpers cranking the price RIDICULOUSLY high is essentially a inconvenience fee, stopping people from going to the local b&m or amazon or something to buy it. You now have to throw your luck at some online sketchy reseller.


we wouldnt hate them if they didnt buy out every stock and sell them for 30k as low as 1k, also how the **** can they use a bot to order at the same household when its one per house(reason why instore buying is much better because they remember your face since they cant sell to you again the same item)


Screw these guys and the idiots selling the Nvidia graphics cards for these ridiculous prices. Greedy Bastards.


I bet tesco isn't using bots to buy up all the milk, are they? Many legitimate customers don't have a shot at getting one because that is exactly what the scalpers are doing to obtain so many consoles.


yea but i can still go out and buy milk, dumb excuse


Aren't happy that they are making people spend way more than retail price? They stupid or something lmao


I can understand making a small profit, but to make it to where people can't buy a console to play with their friends or parents who saved money for a special present on christmas is not right. I remember my parents spending another $50 to get the Wii when it came out, got it on craigslist because gamestop was sold out.


While I understand their excuse that those further up the chain do the same, there's a reason that it's sold to the public at a manufacturer SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE... The fact that they left that out of their reasoning, just proves that they are ******* everyone. Once companies like MS or Sony realize that the amount of consoles sold isn't adding up to the amount of consumers logging on each day to buy software where they make a good amount of their money, like the U.K. I think they will take action as they should


Well it's simple, why would anyone wanna pay more for a product they got for half the cost?


LOL. **** scalpers / Flippers in general.

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