Red Dead Online Teases New 2021 Content

In a new "Thank You to the Rockstar Games Community" post on the Rockstar Newswire, Rockstar Games teased some new content coming to Red Dead Online. In the process of this, Rockstar also confirms that there are "employment opportunities" coming to the game, or in other words, new roles. And according to the post, these will be for solo players. On top of this, Rockstar teases new events, gear, rewards, and more coming not just to Red Dead Online, but GTA Online as well.

"Stay tuned for more news on exciting future updates to both games coming this year, including new employment opportunities for solo players in Red Dead Online – and keep a look out for more celebratory events in the near future for the chance to score new gear, bonus GTA$ and a free vehicle in GTA Online, and a range of new offers and Rewards in Red Dead Online," writes Rockstar Games.

Unfortunately, this is where the details end. And as you may remember, Rockstar Games made a similar tease back at the start of 2020, and while the year was a decent one for the game, Red Dead Online support did seem to take backseat to GTA Online support, which continues to be more popular and make more money for Rockstar Games, despite being several years older.

Right now, it's unclear what these new "employment opportunities" and this new content will be, and there's no word of when we will hear more about all of this. What this does confirm though is that Red Dead Online will continue to be a focus for Rockstar Games for, at the very least, 2021.

That said, while there will be new Red Dead Online content in 2021, there's still no word of new Red Dead Redemption 2 content, and, at this point, it's safe to assume Rockstar Games is done with the base game.

Red Dead Online is available and playable on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC, and Google Stadia.

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I thought the story mode was slow and took too long to get around. Never really tried the online either. Didn't get the hang of this game at all but may revisit it again at some point if I have nothing else to play. Especially if they are updating it and whatnot


I haven't played this game since I had a ps4, still had a good time playing just a little slow starting out.

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