Over 90,000 Rainbow Six Siege Players Were Banned Last Year

Ubisoft has been busy with its anti-cheat efforts in Rainbow Six Siege throughout the past year with over 90,000 cheaters banned throughout 2020. The latest on those anti-cheat measures was shared in a blog post detailing what had changed over the past year and where Ubisoft and its partner, BattlEye, plan to take Siege in the future. Part of those plans include many more bans to come, improved cheat detectors and a harder time for those who create cheats to be used in Siege.

Through a graph shared within the blog post about Siege’s anti-cheat plans, Ubisoft detailed roughly how many people were banned throughout the past year. Through bans issued by the anti-cheat service BattlEye alone, a total of 91,112 bans were issued. Those bans spiked in April with over 12,000 bans distributed during that month alone and smaller spikes following occasionally through the rest of 2020, but the per-month amount never got as high as it did in April.

Back in August 2020, Ubisoft implemented a new type of “cheating sanction” that was based on player data. Through that and the BattlEye bans, Ubisoft said it increased its total cheating bans by 52.69% in 2020 compared to 2019. Those types of bans peaked in September with far fewer of them being issued in the months afterwards.

Among the plans for the future of Siege are efforts to make it harder for not only people to use cheats but for developers to create cheats themselves. Ubisoft didn’t offer specifics on that topic so as not to show its hand and render the work pointless, but the company said it’s continuously working to make it “more difficult for cheat features to keep up.”

Ubisoft concluded its blog about the anti-cheat efforts by framing its battle against cheaters as an ongoing one which also sounds like it’ll be a topic of future blog posts.

“For every wall reinforcement that we deploy, Cheat Developers are trying to breach in another room,” Ubisoft said. “But it far from deters our will to rid the game of as many opportunists and cheaters as we can. We are dedicated to making Siege secure and fair for everyone. We look forward to sharing exciting new releases in future Dev Blogs. Until then, keep reporting cheaters in-game and stay safe out there.”

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Source: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/rainbow-six-siege-banned-over-90000-players-2020/


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I'm surprised that many even play at all still


Damn that's a lot of players banned.

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