PS2-Themed PS5 DualSense Controller on Sale Now

The PlayStation 2 is the best-selling video game console of all time. Its sleek black look and colored buttons are iconic, and today PlayStation fans had a chance to order a PS2 themed PlayStation 5 DualSense controller before the first round sold out. The PS5 controller was available for a short time to go along with the PS2 themed PS5 console by company Sup3r 5, and it's clear that many gamers jumped on the opportunity.

The Playstation 5 was released on November 12, 2020, and sold twice as many consoles upon launch as the Xbox series X|S. The PS5 already has its own iconic look, with a monochrome palette of white and black highlighted with blue accents. But fans couldn't resist a PS5 and DualSense controller turned into the classic look of the PlayStation 2. After the PS2 themed PS5 consoles sold out, there was still a chance to grab a DualSense controller with the PS2 look before the first round sold out as well.

The PS2 themed tech is going to cost a bit more than a standard PS5 and controller. On Sup3r 5's website, the PS2 themed PS5 console is listed at $649.00 and the DualSense controller at $99.00. PS5 stock is going in and out of retailers right now, so it's no surprise the price is bumped to reflect demand and the hard work put into the retro look. At the time of writing this article, the PS2 themed PS5 controllers that were available just minutes before sold out, but there might be more available. In place of the purchase option on Sup3r 5's site are the words "check back soon," which indicates the company could possibly be releasing another round of controllers and/or consoles later today.

There are some things to know to make an informed purchase. The PS2 look on the PS5 gear is not a skin, but a permanent durable coating. This ensures that the style of the PS2 themed equipment is of quality build and will keep the look after sustained use. The PS5 console is not disassembled as part of the redesign process, but the DualSense controller is, so any warranty coverage on the controller is probably void. There are also limits placed on the number of items that can be purchased per household. Because PS5 scalpers hurt sales upon the console's original release, Sup3r 5 will be limiting consoles to one per household and controllers to two per household in order to combat potential scalpers.

For those lucky enough to grab one of the retro-inspired consoles/controllers, they are due to ship out in the spring of this year. Sup3r 5 has also mentioned that it might be creating more retro gaming tech for gamers who can't get enough of the new gear. For now, anyone interested should keep a watchful eye on the Sup3r 5 website home page, because a new round of PS2 themed PS5 tech could come at any minute.

The PlayStation 5 is available now.

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I do like the color and look. PS2 was one of my fav consoles growing up.


EK6 Orders were officially cancelled by the sup3r5 because they got "serious death threats." And they deleted their Twitter.
Refunds were made fully.

Seriously? Well there goes that. Was hoping to try and grab one of the consoles & a controller on the next run, but with you saying that it might not be likely to get a restock.


Orders were officially cancelled by the sup3r5 because they got "serious death threats." And they deleted their Twitter.
Refunds were made fully.


you thought getting a ps5 was hard.... just wait now

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