New Trailer For The Medium Shows Dual Reality System in Action

The 14-minute trailer is split between segments showing off the real world, spirit world, and both simultaneously.

The Medium, the next game being released by acclaimed horror developer Bloober Team, is digging deep into the genre. A new trailer for The Medium features 14 minutes of gameplay, highlighting its unique dual reality system and adherence to psychological horror.

Today’s trailer takes place almost entirely inside of the Niwa Hotel, the site of a massacre. Marianne, a gifted medium and the game’s protagonist, is called to this haunted hotel to track down a mysterious man named Thomas. Using her latent spiritual abilities, she enlists the aid of a spirit girl named Sadness in tracking down her target.

Bloober Team has made a big point of showing off the dual reality system in The Medium, and this new trailer is where we see it in action. Marianne can tap into the spirit world, seeing things in both simultaneously. However, while crossing over in this way, she can only see things in the spirit world, not interact with them. In these cases, the game’s display splits down the middle, showing the real, dilapidated hotel and its grotesque spirit world counterpart.

However, there are cases where being split between the two worlds isn’t enough. Finding herself stuck in an elevator, Marianne enters the spirit world entirely with an out of body experience. This is the simple end of how puzzles in The Medium will be, requiring players to experiment with what spirit world Marianne can do that the other can’t. In this case, spirit world Marianne navigates to a well of energy to power the elevator. Once freed, she can continue following Sadness to her target.

The trailer jumps forward after this point, with Marianne completely submerged in the spirit world. Trapped there, she encounters the game’s big, lumbering baddie, The Maw. Voiced by Troy Baker, this creature shambles around, hunting Marianne throughout both worlds. Without any way to fight back, players will have to evade or hide from the creature. In the spirit world, its home turf, The Maw can see, but in the real world, it relies on sound to track prey.

The Medium was initially set to release on December 10 but was delayed due to the release of Cyberpunk 2077. It is now set to come out on January 28 for PC and Xbox Series X | S.

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the trailer doesn't look too bad i wouldn't say no to playing it


This is still on my list to go and play.

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