PUBG Adds New System for Getting Rid of Cheaters

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players who want more ways to get rid of cheaters in their games now have a way to do so thanks to a new system PUBG Corp. is rolling out. That system is called “PUBG Shield,” and the whole point of it is to give players an easy way to report those who they suspect of cheating while giving the players themselves a way to partake in the process of reviewing reports to verify offenders. The in-game reporting system will still be in place after the launch of PUBG Shield with both existing alongside each other.

An overview of the PUBG Shield system shared within its announcement and launch framed it as a sort of tribunal program where players who are part of the PUBG Shield open beta will be able to review reports of cheaters submitted by other players. After players who are part of the PUBG Shield program gauge whether a particular report shows evidence of cheating or not, the final call will go to the PUBG developers who look at those sorts of things to determine if cheating happened and what the consequences should be.

As for the reasoning behind adding this sort of program, the PUBG team said it often receives “kind and heartfelt requests from players who want to do their part to improve the game experience.” Through PUBG Shield, those players are able to take part in that goal. It’s apparently been successful so far during a closed beta test where 3,000 bans were levied with “near perfect accuracy.”

If you’re interested in joining PUBG Shield, a Discord channel has been set up for the process where you can learn more and get involved. For those who will be doing the reporting, the reports don’t have to be limited to cheats in the literal sense like aimbots, wallhacks, and other obvious cheat programs. Stream-sniping, inappropriate nicknames, and harassment are all categories included in the full list below that can be reported.

Reportable Categories via PUBG Shield

Usage of unauthorized programs & hardware devices that promotes unfair gameplay

Cooperation of players not on the same team in order to cheat or deceive other players

Disrespectful or use of offensive actions towards others based on their race, gender, nationality, etc.

Exploiting bugs
Users exploiting game errors and bugs for their own advantage
Inappropriate nicknames
Offensive nicknames or those that may provoke negative imagery

Intentional / malicious teamkilling

Stream sniping/stalking
Using external information to follow or locate a streamer without any prior in-game knowledge

Verbal harassment
Use of profanity/offensive slang/toxic behavior

Statistics Manipulation
Intentionally exploiting game mechanics to manipulate in-game statistics

PUBG Shield is now available in open beta.

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Do people actually still play this game


Never played this game tbh never liked the way it looked


I mean the actual report button working would of been nice to fix, 9/10 the game fails to register you clicking on report on Xbox since pretty much the launch of the game

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