Lawsuit continues to pursue action over ‘drifting’ Xbox controllers

A class-action lawsuit over ‘drifting’ Xbox controllers has been amended to include additional plaintiffs and specific mention of the most recent Elite controllers.

The original lawsuit was filed in April this year and alleged that drifting issues had been experienced by a large volume of Xbox owners across various controller models.

Now an amended complaint – filed on October 2 – has been filed in the US Court for the Western District of Washington, adding an additional seven plaintiffs and demanding a jury trial to address its allegations against Microsoft.

Notably, the updated class-action specifically adds Xbox Elite Series 1 and 2 controllers to the list of peripherals it alleges are experiencing drifting issues. Series 2 controllers went on sale in late 2019.

The amended suit also adds additional detail on the alleged stick defect that causes drifting, the issue which leads to controller movements being registered even when the analogue sticks are left untouched.

The class-action claims that the drifting issue is caused by a controller defect related to the potentiometer within the joystick component—the mechanism that translates the physical movement of the thumbstick into movement within software.

It alleges that this component contains a known design flaw related to a grease-like lubricant, which causes resistive material scraped off a curved track to cause unwanted movement without input from the user.

The lawsuit alleges that Microsoft is fully aware of the drifting defect after numerous online complaints received from its customers, and yet “failed to disclose the defect and routinely refuses to repair the controllers without charge when the defect manifests.”

It claims that the plaintiffs’ experiences are not isolated and that “a large volume of consumers have been complaining about stick drift on Xbox One controllers since at least 2014.”

Along with monetary relief, the plaintiffs are seeking a public injunction requiring Microsoft to notify all Xbox controller owners about the defect.

“Microsoft lures consumers into purchasing the Xbox controllers by touting the Xbox controllers as superior controllers that enhance gameplay, describing the Elite controllers as the ‘world’s most advanced controller’ and emphasizing the Xbox one joysticks and buttons as possessing ‘Ultimate Precision.’,” the complaint reads.

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I purchased an Elite 2 yesterday, unwrapped it and plugged it into my pc for rocket league. Right off the bat the b#$% started drifting (right stick) also the (A) button got stuck 1000x. Returned it today and bought a used one that happened to be fine and saved 60$. Xbox really pisses me off but these are some damn good controllers.


EightThotz Who uses a controller nowadays anyway?

only the real. imagine not using a controller

Only normies and casuals use controller


EightThotz Who uses a controller nowadays anyway?

only the real. imagine not using a controller


Who uses a controller nowadays anyway?


Had this problem with atleast 3 Xbox One controllers 1 with a broken joystick, 1 with a broken bumper and the other well it kind of snapped of, I'm not that lucky I guess, I have 1 working controller atleast but that's for my PC.


What happens when people don't look after their controllers :) Never had a problem, owned the original Xbox all the way through to the current gen.


Last time I can think of having stick drifts was on Xbox 360 controllers. Had a grip issues on Elite controller 1 and then upgraded to Elite controller 2. So far so good.


About time, wheres the lawsuit for the grips of the series 1 elite controller falling off. lmfao


y0Smurfs Not one of my Xbox pads have this problem or ever had it on other hand they need to fix the bumpers on the elite series

Same. I think its just an machine error that some were unfortunate to get.
I've never experienced this issue on this generation, and I feel a lot of people just break their controllers and cry.


about time microsoft gets sued over that all my xbox controllers had drifting issue well my playstation and nintendo controllers never had joystick drifting

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