Halo: The Master Chief Collection is Not Getting Microtransactions

For all of its warts – yes, even after all these years – Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been doing well on PC. With Season 2 coming up, 343 Industries announced some changes, namely being able to “purchase” items from battle pass progression system. This was interpreted as the title getting more microtransactions.

However, according to 343 Industries’ Tyler Davis, who works as Community Support & Engagement Coordinator, this isn’t the case. In Davis’s first tweet, he noted that microtransactions were mentioned nowhere in the reported blog. He then followed this up by stating that, “There was one line in the interview where we were talking about using the season points to purchase unlocks. The word purchase was misunderstood to mean money. We updated the wording to remove the word ‘purchase’ to ‘unlock’ in the blog.”

So if you’re playing Halo: The Master Chief Collection for its multiplayer, rest assured – microtransactions are not, in fact, coming. It’s somewhat surprising though especially since Halo 5: Guardians had its REQ System for Warzone, which allowed for purchasing random card packs to obtain items. One has to wonder if there’s been a shift in how the developer will handle monetization, especially when it comes to Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite will be getting its first gameplay reveal at Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X first-party showcase (rumored to be taking place on July 23rd). Stay tuned for more information then.

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Love the more things they want to add to halo i mean this game just getting way better


Miss I think Bungie would be ashamed if 343 added them.

Yeah, which is more than likely why they're avoiding them.


I think Bungie would be ashamed if 343 added them.


This is a great and bad thing kinda. Great due to no stupid things being added but I do think there could be some cosmetics every so often. With it being owned by 343 its not the same as the bungie days sadly so having a few cosmetics I dont see a problem with. A few though, not like fortnite bs


I'm actually thankful MCC is avoiding micro transactions. Ruins every game.