Accused The King of Kong Cheater Billy Mitchell Sues Youtuber

Billy Mitchell's parade of litigation continues. He's now suing YouTuber Apollo Legend for $1 million over claims he cheated to obtain some of his world-famous Donkey Kong high scores.

Apollo Legend first made a video regarding Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong scores in 2018. The video is entitled "World's Most Infamous Donkey Kong Player Caught Cheating!". Now, more than two years after that video was made, Mitchell has filed a lawsuit against Apollo Legend for defamation. This is the latest lawsuit from Mitchell in a lengthy crusade that seems to be targeting many of the people and organizations that have accused him of cheating. You can check out Apollo Legend's video detailing the lawsuit and its terms here:

After the lawsuit was filed, Apollo Legend - whose real name is Benjamin Smith - started a GoFundMe campaign in order to raise funds to counter-sue Mitchell. The campaign was created just four days ago but has already reached over twice its intended target of $10,000, with funds currently sitting at $23,713 at the time of writing. Smith's GoFundMe campaign says Mitchell "has made many false and damaging statements", using his money and influence to silence critics.

Once the campaign goal was reached, a new Apollo Legend video appeared detailing what would happen to the excess funds. According to Smith, he'll be giving $10,000 to his attorney. Donating over $10 to the campaign gets you a copy of Dwayne Richard's upcoming documentary The Verdict Is, so some of the money will be going to Richard as a fee for that movie. It looks like Billy Mitchell's crusade against his enemies is far from over. We'll bring you more on Mitchell's legal journey as we get it.

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$1,000,000? Some of these claims are ridiculous.


This billy guy is a weirdo for sure. You could tell he was lying by the amount of pauses he took. If he was confident in what he was saying he would have spoke clearly which he didn't.


There's actually important shit that needs to be sorted. Shut these idiots up and go to small claims court of just talk in person.


Billy Mitchell is the Carole Baskin of the gaming world.


This is just crazy and billy is just acting like the bully that he always had acted like.

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