The Division 2 story trailer shows off Episode 3’s Coney Island

Episode 3 of The Division 2’s post-launch content arrives next month and takes you to Coney Island.

Ubisoft has released a trailer showing off The Division 2 Episode 3. The DLC launches in February, and it’s adding New York’s Coney Island as a new location. It will be comprised of two main missions.

The new location comes alongside The Cleaners, an enemy from the first game.

As we previously told you, access to two Classified Agents will be included for Year 1 Pass owners. It also comes with a new Specialization and Exotic weapon: The Kameleon.

Check out the story trailer below.

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The trailers for this game have always looked good, makes me want to invest into it more tbf


the trailers are what get me hooked to this game tbf

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