Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Made More Than $600 Million in Three Days

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick wants you to know that "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare more than doubled the box office opening of Joker."

Infinity Ward and Activision released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for PC, PS4, and Xbox One last Friday and despite a bit of controversy the game has ultimately been quite successful. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick even compared its success to the box office opening of Joker, for some reason. According to Activision, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare made over $600 million within three days of its release, which more than any other Call of Duty game this console generation.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare also had the best opening digitally in Activision history and the most successful PC launch of any Call of Duty game. Activision President Rob Kostich also revealed that the game “has more total players and total hours played than any Call of Duty opening release in the last six years” before thanking everyone at Activision for their part in creating the game. “Congratulations to Infinity Ward and all our teams involved on an incredible game and its spectacular launch. We also want to thank the community for your incredible support. The launch of Modern Warfare is only the start. There’s much more to come.”

While Bobby Kotick was busy saying that Call of Duty was more successful than Joker, DualShockers was playing the game for review. It went live today, so you should go check out our thoughts on it. If you want to pick up the wildly successful Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, all versions of the game are available on Amazon.

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Sure is a ton of money, hard to believe they still do these sales. I wonder when the true downfall of cod, or better yet another real takeover of gaming will actually happen


Like I said all the people b I t c h I n g about the game still buying it and still playing it. These statistics are mad and personally I am not surprised IW has always released bangers. Congrats to both IW and Activision.


Just give me $1 million please