Modern Warfare dev urges fans to ignore inflammatory rumours

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s release date fast approaching, news and rumours about what the game will bring are circulating, with some points – like its timed PlayStation 4 exclusive mode, Survival – confirmed, and others still a mystery. Now, developer Infinity Ward’s art director has posted about “A developer’s POV” on Reddit, calling for players to “focus” on facts about the game, and try to avoid “half-baked inflammatory rumours.”

In the post (via CharlieIntel), Joel Emslie talks about “the current drama” regarding the game, and asks players to consider the real people behind its creation when posting about their views. He then says “our interest is entirely in the game itself. There are some announcements that have come up this week that are official and some that are rumours. My ask of all of you is to focus on information that is actually fact and not get thrown off by ill-informed people that want to make a name for themselves by spreading half-baked inflammatory rumours.”

He then calls for everyone to work out “real problems together and not fairy tales of boogeymen.” In the post, Emslie also explains to readers that they’re “all being heard.”

It’s not clear in the post specifically what “drama” and “rumours” the dev’s referring to. There has been a rumour this week that lootboxes in the game (called ‘Supply Drops’) will reportedly include weapons, not just cosmetic items, which if true could be pretty game-changing – though neither this or the inclusion of Supply Drops in the game have been confirmed. We can’t say for sure, but perhaps it’s this kind of topic that Emslie is referencing in his post.

With the timed PlayStation 4 exclusivity of the game’s Survival mode (until October 1, 2020) also now announced, and some players in the community questioning this, perhaps this also feeds into the “drama” the post references – though again, it’s not totally clear.

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It's not rumours the god dayum game is gunna go sour. WAtch, 2 months I'm calling it.


I'm stoked for this release!


Cancelled my pre-order and refuse to buy another cod game ever again.


Exam Will there be a story mode in this new MW?

Have you not seen the trailer?


WeAreNotYourKind There just haters trying to ruin the best frnchise of all time.

Hahahahaha!! What are you smoking?? Lol

As for this game, it's going to flop. Calling it now.


There just haters trying to ruin the best frnchise of all time.


Fully in support of the fact that he asks fans to be more mature and engage in productive discussion. However, his strawman argument against those calling out Activision's greed is seriously frustrating. Seen multiple statements like this from various devs now, and it's seriously frustrating, as I have failed to see ANY willing discourse between a frustrated and exploited consumer base and the developers and publishers of games which seem to focus more on perfecting their MTX systems than releasing a more than half-baked title. It's pretty asinine of developers to request civilized discussion if the companies they represent refuse to do so.


Will there be a story mode in this new MW?


i mean they could always fire the insider giving gaming revolution who right now seems to be ranting about homophobia, legit he has an insider, all rumors minus the celebs he claimed came true, still waiting for the celeb rumor he claimed to be false, because that wouldnt be a modern warfare game if celebs are in the game, plus they wouldnt want to ruin their image, but yeah 90% of gr's rumors are truth, activision and infinity ward needs to fire the inside mole, as for everything else well they put sh*t in the pc files for the beta, plus theirs a reason they arent giving real confirmation on the rumors.

thanks activison for putting ndas on the dev talks


Why don't they clear up any rumors by confirming or denying them then lol. Don't get much simpler.

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