Apple is reportedly planning to kill iTunes this year

A new report by Bloomberg has confirmed and provided new information regarding earlier speculation that Apple will be deprecating the well-known iTunes app that has been at the forefront of the company's multimedia and entertainment offerings for almost two decades now.

As reported earlier, Apple will indeed break up the various features currently offered by iTunes into three separate apps - Music, TV and Podcasts - à la iOS. Interestingly, and contrary to the earlier report, iTunes may be retired from macOS entirely. The previous report suggested that the app may still have some use for syncing Apple devices, but the new report claims these duties will apparently also be transported to the Music app, making the iTunes app entirely obsolete for macOS users.

Of course, a similar change is unlikely to happen on Windows and so the app may still stick around on Microsoft's OS, at least. We'll get more details about the change when the Cupertino giant announces its next big update to macOS at WWDC 2019, slated for June 3. We're likely also going to see reveals for iOS 13, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13 at the event.

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Havent used iTunes in years lol, i normally would only use it to update my iphone but i update it from the phone now lol.


it is about time, the only time you'd catch me using itunes was to connect my iphone to it. The music is horrible and apple music does a much better deal then this application.


Not surprised, I haven't gone onto iTunes in years!


Am in the minority that is affected. I very often am in situations which do not have access to internet, and thus like to have my songs downloaded onto my phone. Hoping Apple will still accommodate the desires of those like me in the future on their phones.


Thats sad Itunes is OG asf


This personally will not affect me but it certainly sucks for people who like to add music to their iPhone through iTunes.


Apple Music is the wave anywheres hopefully this doesn't affect artist actually sales to bad though


sad to hear. havent used itunes in years. the only music app i use now is Spotify


RIP Apple.
Crappy products anyways.


About time... it's all streaming now a days and it's so much easier.. plus they already have Apple Music