GeForce GTX 1160 Seemingly Confirmed by Lenovo Website

The GeForce GTX 1160 appears to have been confirmed. A listing on Lenovo’s website for an upcoming laptop includes the GTX 1160 as one of the options that customers can make when they purchase either a Legion Y530 or Legion Y7000P laptop.

NVIDIA has been rumored to be working on a new line of midrange graphics processors and Lenovo may have just given us a clue to their existence. A listing on the Lenovo website (still live at the time of writing) for one of their laptop models includes the GeForce GTX 1160 as an option. Mention is also made of “next generation GPUs” in the laptop’s listing.

The GeForce GTX 1160 is stated to be available in both 3 GB and 6 GB versions. As this is a laptop, that tells us that a mobile version of the processor is on the way. We’re sure to see desktop versions of this new GPU provided that the information that Lenovo has listed here is accurate.

This listing on the Lenovo website builds on previous rumors of 11-series cards from NVIDIA. Supposedly, this as yet unannounced line of graphics cards will continue to use the same Turing architecture that NVIDIA customers enjoy in the company’s latest offerings. However, it is rumored to lack any of the high-end ray-tracing or other advanced features that customers can take advantage of in the company’s higher-end offerings.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know about this rumored GeForce GTX 1160. One could speculate as to what we might get in terms of the card’s technology, but the only solid clues we’ve gotten for now is that it will come in two different versions. Rumors surrounding the card generally state that NVIDIA is aiming for a midrange experience for customers who don’t want to break the bank with one of their more expensive RTX cards. Whether or not the 11 series is real (and what NVIDIA is putting in it) remains to be seen until we get some kind of official announcement.

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Reevy I just literally purchased a 1060 -_- but it's just temporary and I'll probably get a 1080 in the near future

inb4 1180ti just saying


I just literally purchased a 1060 -_- but it's just temporary and I'll probably get a 1080 in the near future


Cool news but sucks there isn't more information

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