Nintendo announces 2009 launch schedule

Nintendo has released its planned 2009 launch schedule for Europe and the United States. The United States

Nintendo DS
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (16/02/2009)
Pokemon Platinum version (22/03/2009)
Personal Trainer: Walking (2009)
Rhythm Heaven (2009)
Mario and Luigi RPG 3 (Temp.) (2009)
Nintendo DSi (hardware) (Spring-Summer 2009)

Nintendo Wii
Mario Power Tennis (??/03/2009)
Pikmin (??/03/2009)
Wii Sports Resort (First half of 2009)
Half Punch-Out!! (Temp.) (First half of 2009)
Sin and Punishment 2 (Temp.) (2009)


Nintendo DS
Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir (06/02/2009)
Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine? (Bundled with two Activity Meters) (20/02/2009)
Rhythm Paradise (2009)
Pokemon Platinum version (2009)
Mario and Luigi RPG 3 (Temp.) (2009)
Kirby Super Star Ultra (Temp.) 2(009)
Nintendo DSi (Hardware) (Spring-Summer 2009)



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