Burnout Creators Return With Two Wild New Driving Games

Considering that we haven’t seen a new Burnout game in years (though having Burnout Paradise Remastered does help a little), we were wondering what the game’s original creators might be up to nowadays. And according to some recent news, it appears they’ve been busy sitting in a destructive zone. And that’s good news for fans of the driving series.

Three Fields Entertainment, a developer that features a number of members from Criterion’s Burnout team, has announced not one but two new forthcoming projects that will put players behind the wheel of some perilous situations. They’re both set to release later this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The first is Danger Zone 2, the sequel to the over-the-top “create a crash” game that came out a while back for consoles and PC. The game allows you to test out different locations around the world this time around, instead of being stuck in a boring old test zone. You’ll be able to challenge a number of feats across 26 single player levels strewn across such locations as the U.S.A., Europe and Spain.

Fiona Sperry, the founder and CEO of Three Fields, noted that the game will have more driving, drifting and boosting than the original, so it’ll be more varied when it comes to its destructive madness.

However, if it’s a full blown racing game you’re after, you may feel more at home with Dangerous Driving, which will also be coming out over the next few months. It’ll concentrate more on the competitive side of things instead of simply creating multi-million dollar crashes. You’ll be able to take down foes with boosts and takedowns, just as you may have done in the past with such games as Burnout 3: Takedown and Burnout Revenge.

That game didn’t get as many details, but a first look at the screenshot above indicates that we’re in for a wild time.

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Yes, i hope these will be amazing like the burnout games. I absolutely loved them.


I honestly love burnout games. The give the best experience for people like me who aren't really that into cars.


Danger Zone 2 sounds pretty fun, might just try it out.


I dont know, driving games are a bit stale now.

I personally enjoy the low resolution games because it adds an esthetic

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