Battlefield V — DICE Explains Why They’re Doing Battle Royale

Electronic Arts made two relevant announcements during the Battlefield V reveal at EA Play 2018. One was the upcoming Battle Royale mode, and the other was the lack of paid DLC besides cosmetics.

During an interview at EA Play, DualShockers talked with Senior Producer Lars Gustavsson, who provided more insight on both points.

Speaking of the Battle Royale mode, which will come post-launch, Gustavsson explained that it’s too early to talk about number of players and size since the mode is still in the making and the team is focusing on launch. That being said, he explained why the team decided to walk the Battle Royale path.

“That it can be unique is probably what triggered our interest to start with. We were kind of inspired by what we played and lots of talks in the corridors about “we really should… We really should. We have so much in our Battlefield sandbox that would be such a good fit for this.” That’s where the conversations started, and it led up to the announcement”

Gustavvson also promised that the adoption of a Battle Royale mode won’t influence the traditional experience:

“It is super-exciting and for us, Battlefield can do so much. Of course, doing Royale doesn’t mean that the traditional experience or where we constantly push forward disappears. Grand Operations will be there. The whole post-launch experience where players can play together and not divided by the pass. We want to take players on that journey through the war.”

We also hear that the team is “Super-happy” about the lack of paid DLC, which will keep the community together

“We have so many talented people who have built some of our best maps ever post-launch. Usually, we build a game with a mindset and everything, and then when we do post-launch we learn from that, and allow ourselves to “go deep” on this or that. It’s been kind of sad to see that we’ve splintered our community through the years and some times those experiences haven’t gotten all the love they deserve. So that’s why the team is super-happy to do this.”

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I do think this will be a success though.


Everyone else is doing it. Hopefully DICE does it well.


Yeah, why not, everyone else is doing it smh. Bringing a BR to Battlefield V is a mistake.


So bascially disregard all of that and replace it with $$$ and instead of paid DLC they will likely offer microtransactions like every other game whether it be Skins or Lootcrates


I kinda of knew that other games were going to jump on the battle royale hype train. I just hope they have there own spin on it, and it not be completely trash. I will honesty just keep conquest like I usual do.


just following the trends. Battle royal games will be like the COD of 2008-2012, they will probably die out after they release/update them with ridiculous stuff.


Honestly if they added a zombie mode on the huge maps cooperatively, solo pve, it would be spectacular. It seems like battle royale games are the mainstream type games and one could only find it fun for so long.

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