Detroit: Become Human Already Sold One Million Copies

It may not be a game for everyone's tastes, but Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human has had no trouble gathering a curious audience.

Per this report from French site Lescesos, the PlayStation 4 exclusive has already sold over one million copies in two weeks. It sets a new mark for the developer and doesn't show any signs of slowing down in terms of popularity.

"We have just passed the million mark sold for Detroit: Become Human, two weeks after the release of the game, said Guillaume de Fondaumiere, the deputy CEO of the French independent studio. He noted that the previous record for the studio when it came to a game that cleared a million copies was Heavy Rain, which cleared the mark on PlayStation 4 back in 2014. That game went on to attract 5.5 million players; so there's a good chance that Detroit: Become Human's player base will grow even larger.

"Our revenue depends on Sony's advances and our profitability (depends on) the success of our games," says Guillaume de Fondaumière. He claims 10 million euros in annual revenue.

This is great news for the 115-person squad at Quantic Dream, after a number of reports consisting of harassive treatment during the game's development. (The developer has since responded that the claims aren't true.)

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Have seen a few gameplays of this game, not really a big fan of it.


Kinda surprised it didn't sell more, I don't have a PS4 so I had to watch a playthough, I enjoyed the game but there is somethings that fell short.


Game is visually good imo, but not sure whther it has the story to make up for it.


Damn, i never even heard of this game... hope it eventually goes to a different console tho i doubt it


Damn, thats alot of copies already, does look a decent game though so i can see why the high numbers its sold.


I can see why, it's a solid game and looks amazing.