New Rumors and Information Emerge About Next Pokemon Game

Pokemon fans are in an uproar after a Spanish Nintendo magazine seemingly confirmed details about the next Pokemon game.

Several Pokemon websites and YouTubers have posted a page from Nintendo's official Spanish magazine that seemingly confirms that the upcoming Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. The magazine notes that the next game will be part of a new generation (aka the first "Gen 8" game) and will come out in 2018 or later.

While many fans just assumed that the upcoming Pokemon Switch game would be the first of a new generation, there's been persistent rumors that the game would be a remake of some kind. A "Gen 8" game would mean a new region and new Pokemon, while a remake would return fans to a familiar setting like the Kanto region.

While a blurb in Nintendo Magazine seems pretty official, fans should take this news with a bit of caution. The Spanish Nintendo Magazine has gotten information about the Pokemon franchise wrong in the past (it recently suggested that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon would allow players to return to the Sinnoh region) and the writers of the magazine likely don't have much inside information about the game.

We've seen some other interesting tidbits emerge about the new Pokemon game this week. An Irish Gamestop recently listed that the Pokemon Switch game would be released on October 26th. This could just be an error, but we will note that past Pokemon games (namely the Virtual Console version of Pokemon Crystal) were leaked this way.

Finally, a Twitter user named PixelPar claims that the new Pokemon Switch games are being produced under the codename "Project Beluga." PixelPar claims to have inside information about the Pokemon Switch games and has posted Pokemon Company job listings that they claim are for the localization of the new game. However, we will add that PixelPar has repeatedly claimed that Nintendo was about to announce the new Pokemon game and then recanted their claims when the announcement didn't come to pass.

These Pokemon rumors are going to keep popping up and persisting until the next Pokemon game is actually announced. Hopefully, we get some solid information soon so that we can get rid of the half-truths and unsourced least for a while.

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This Pokemon game is gonna kick of, just gonna make the Nintendo Switch even more better.


switch pokemon sounds dope


Ive always wondered why they have never made a pokemon game that lets you go to all the regions and actually catch them all


Never really been a lover for pokemon

Played pokemon go for a day or 2 and got bored


Can't believe it's already generation and 8, and this will be the first games I *can't* play because it's probably going to be Switch only.

Just another reason to buy one, I may be 20 but I still need to catch em all ya feel me