Sega Mega Drive Mini announced at FES 2018

Nintendo had a surprise hit on its hands when it released the NES Classic. Not one to let a golden opportunity pass, the firm released a follow up in the form of the SNES Classic the following year. Now, it looks like Sega has gotten a bit envious, as it too has announced its own retro mini console.

The Mega Drive Mini console made its debut at Sega FES 2018 in Japan and will commemorate the original console's 30th anniversary. This would be the first physical console release from the firm in close to two decades, with its last being the Dreamcast. As of now, there are very details, and it is unknown what games will arrive with the miniature Mega Drive/Genesis or whether it will be released outside of Japan.

While this could certainly end up being an interesting release, Sega currently has retro consoles on the market that are licensed and distributed by AtGames. Unfortunately, the reviews for those models aren't quite glowing, so hopefully, this new release will put things on par with Nintendo's offerings.

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This would be awesome to get my hands on one of these bad boys, hype hype e3.


caint wait to here more on this


Decy Damn it sure is mini lol... Kinda crazy how we have advanced.

It sure is crazy how far theyve come with tech and mobile devices for size of them now


Would be a cool one to check out, never got a chance to play a console this pls.


Damn it sure is mini lol... Kinda crazy how we have advanced.