Xbox Head Phil Spencer Congratulates God of War on Stellar Reviews

God of War has been receiving monumental praise from reviewers, including our own, but perhaps most interestingly of it, it’s receiving praise from its competitors. A recent tweet from Head of Xbox and Executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft Phil Spencer praises the work put into the next installment of this famous franchise, calling it a “special launch for the series”.

Phil Spencer is no stranger to praising competitors for stellar launches or a new, inventive unveiling. In the past, he has championed the idea that console wars are unnecessary distractions–that developers making their consoles fun places to play games. He has also been quoted as saying that video games are a very special art form capable of bringing people together.

While the Xbox One has had trouble competing with the PS4’s ever-growing roster of console-exclusives, it’s reassuring to see someone in such a position of power try to encourage camaraderie in the industry and promoting games as an art form or genuine source of entertainment. God of War and Santa Monica Studios certainly deserve the praise considering the amazing scores the game has been getting, but it’s nevertheless a kind and genuine gesture from a competitor. You can check out the full tweet below.

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Pretty amazing to see this happen, bice to see the game being so successful.


Xbox are such good sports sad PlayStation never gonna be the same


Great game not surprised at all at the success of god of war.


Wish this one wasnt an exclusive cause its gonna be one of the best


This series has been around for a long time, and I'm impressed just like Phil Spencer.
Wish this one wasn't an exclusive cause it's gonna be one of the best games in a long time.