Xbox Game Pass Video Teases Halo: The Master Chief Collection

A video advertising all the games included in the Xbox Game Pass feature appears to be hinting that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will also be included in the service.

The Xbox video with the caption “Just say when” shows multiple to-go bags of Xbox games being passed through a window to a car to show how many games are available through the Game Pass service. Super Lucky’s Tale, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Sea of Thieves were all shown first, all of which are games that are already available through Xbox Game Pass. But after those games are passed through the window, a Halo bag is shown. The text at the bottom of the bag is nearly impossible to make out, but that helmet on the front is a clear indicator that Halo: The Master Chief Collection is going to be included in the Game Pass service.

ith Microsoft announcing that all first-party games would be included in the service once they’re released, it’s not a huge surprise to see Halo: The Master Chief Collection included in the lineup. That hasn’t stopped Xbox fans from isolating that one part of the video though with numerous discussions pointing out the Game Pass addition while the top reply to the video on Twitter highlighted the collection.

For those who have played Halo: The Master Chief Collection in the past and are hesitant to be excited about the Game Pass addition after the collection released to a rocky start, it’s important to remember that 343 Industries has been working to improve the product in recent months. They’ve outlined plans for making the collection what they say it should’ve been at launch and have even consulted players for feedback on the changes, so once it arrives in the Game Pass library, it’ll be worth another shot for subscribers.

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This is when halo went bad


This isn't going to make any one play it. That game was dead from the beginning, a damn shame.
I got on while the fortnite servers were trash, and if I got to play against games pass owners, who haven't played before, I would have so much fun destroying them for 15 minutes until I'm bored.