Here’s How DayZ Looks Running on Xbox One X Hardware

Bohemia Interactive has been showing off their latest build of DayZ on Microsoft’s 4K powerhouse at PAX East, and we have a brand new gameplay video out of the show that reveals just how stunning the game looks on Xbox One X.

In previous coverage, Bohemia revealed that they already have the game running at a mostly steady 50-60FPS at 1080P, and are hoping to include a 4K 30FPS option as well. The survival title has been out on PC for quite awhile, and a PS4 version is set to come sometime after the Xbox One version.

DayZ is a survival sandbox title that puts the players into a world where an infection threatens the surviving population. Players need to scavenge and fight both infected and human players in order to survive within a brutal world. The gameplay footage can be viewed courtesy of Youtube channel Outsidexbox just below.

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Not gonna lie, the gfx looks amazing, but not a game for me i feel, but wouldn't mind trying it out one day i suppose.


Looks smart, wonder what it looks like on XB1.


Wonder if it'll ACTUALLY be a full game this time. Hopefully they put time into the game and not leave it unfinished. Wish I still had my xbox one to try this when it comes out lmao


Looks like it runs pretty decent.
Those that are saying it's 'irrelevant' are right however this launch on xbox I believe will repopularise the game.


MushroomElm They just need to give up. They are so irrelevant these days. Surprised they are even trying now.

But, I suppose it's good to see them trying..They should just make something completely new, though. Grasping at straws right now. Wonder how many will actually buy this..

I bet quite alot.... Not everyone on Xbox had the chance to play DayZ so i anything it releasing for this console will help it.


Im impressed it looks way better than pc version im scared to buy it tho even tho I can get a refund


I'm impressed, not only does it look good but it runs like a charm, compared to the PC even when you had an OP PC this game would run poorly but damn they've put some time into this.


Can't wait to try out this game on Xbox :)


Im glad to see this game making a comeback, its about time! :)


Looks actually pretty good quality