Call of Duty: WWII Operation Shamrock Revealed, Shipment remake added

If you got out of Call of Duty: WWII then now might be a good time to get back in. Today, developer Sledgehammer Games officially announced that the Operation Shamrock and Awe event for the first-person shooter, and just like all the other community events for the game, it adds a ton of brand new content for fans to sink their teeth into.

First and foremost, a new map has been added to the game, Shipment 1994, which is a remake of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map of the same name. This version is set right off the game’s Headquarters mode, which means players will have the view of a beach while they play on the fast-paced map. As of the time of this writing, it’s unknown whether or not all players will have access to the map.

In addition to that, two new weapons have also been added: the M-38 submachine gun and the MG-15 light machine gun. Players will be able to earn these weapons by completing a certain amount of games, or they can get variants of the guns through Supply Drops.

You can check out screenshots of these new guns and map at the end of the article.

Smaller features have also been added like weapon charms, a new playlist, an overhaul to the Headquarters to look more festive, and more.

PlayStation 4 players should be able to download the new update the next time they boot up the game, while Xbox One and PC players will get the update sometime later today.

Call of Duty: WWII was officially released on November 3, 2018, and is available on all of the aforementioned platforms.

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Famous The map is amazing XP is insane you get, just waiting on double XP

its going to be the XP grind map now, people will be asking for a 24/7 just to get those levels up now.


Probably the best thing ive seen them do the the game so far, this will be awesome.


Famous The map is amazing XP is insane you get, just waiting on double XP

Shit yeah, hopefully spawns won't be anything like MWR. They where terrible.


The map is amazing XP is insane you get, just waiting on double XP


fortnite and pubg is cancer


I hate to be that guy but it's Shipment 1944, not 1994 and this game wasn't released in the future, it was last year (Nov. 2017, not 2018)


They added a cancer map to a cancer game lol


Well damn.. I'm not sure why shipment of all map choice but i guess this will be cool.


The map is great, surprised they added it to be honest.


Decent map tbf, would have been so much better if they remastered Dome instead. The new guns are pretty cool, the lmg is a bit crap though. I'm not sure on the new camos and charms they've added but the rest is decent