Civilization 6: Rise and Fall Expansion Now Available

Firaxis Games’ first major expansion for Civilization 6, Rise and Fall, is now available for PC. It retails for $29.99 and brings quite a lot of new content to the 4X strategy experience.

These include Golden and Dark Ages which will go into effect after various historic moments are complete. Ultimately, they contribute to your Era Score and depending on that, you could enter a Dark Age. There are certain challenges and policies to overcome at this time but exit a Dark Age and you may enter a Heroic Age which promises greater results.

Governors can now be recruited with up to seven at your disposable, each having their own unique skill trees; a new government district specifically made to develop governors; enhanced alliances for different mutual benefits like research, military, religion, etc.; and Emergencies which see certain civilizations banding together against a stronger civilization.

That’s not counting the new resources, new terrain, new civilizations and seven new natural wonders. Let us know your thoughts below if you already own the expansion.

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Mike Seems like a cool expansion!

Already watched a few streamers and youtube videos on it, wouldnt say its that bad but for sure not worth $30.


Seems like a cool expansion!


30 dollars for a expansion? It better feel like a brand new game for that price lol


I couldn't see myself touching this. Not the expansion, nor the game. Have never really gotten into games like this. And as other users stated, this is a bit steep.


The game is pretty shit tbh. I wouldn't even torrent it.


Does really appeal to me a great deal, as Tom said i wouldn't be willing to pay $30 for a game like this.


$29.99 is a little too much for an expansion but it's said to have a lot of content. Will gladly check this out though