Loot Boxes Are Not a Form of Gambling, EA CEO Says

Loot boxes are a form of gambling- the issue is at least contentious enough that multiple governments around the world have decided to look into the issue (although many seem to have concluded that they do not fall under the legal definition of gambling). They are an abusive, predatory monetization practice that to begin with has no room in gaming, but when taken to an extreme, like EA did with Battlefront 2, can be detrimental to the game experience.

Obviously, EA, whose entire fortune is built around loot boxes and in game monetization, doesn’t want to admit that loot boxes are gambling, however. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said during an earnings call that loot boxes are not a form of gambling, with EA CEO Andrew Wilson conceding, however, that their implementation in game needs to be fair.

“We do not believe that loot boxes and similar mechanics are a form of gambling.” he said. “I think there are a plenty of governments around the world that have agreed with us on that. And there isn’t just us it is the entire industry. We work very carefully and closely with all of our industry partners and the ESA the industry body to make sure that people understand exactly what loot boxes are, exactly why they are not gambling and we will continue to engage in that going forward. We think that’s important and I think there is a lot of consumers who would argue the same thing based on their great experience they have with fun games to have associated live services with them, that some may be misconstruing as a loot box or a gambling mechanism.”

“At the very core we must always build on the foundation of player of choice,” Wilson said. “And that might be the choice of whether a player engages in a particular mode or not, that might be whether a player decides to grind for something or not. But in all things it’s around providing a fair playing field with players feel they have choice. And you should expect that we will continue to drive hard against that and ensure that again we didn’t set out as I said in the prepared remarks to build the feature set that could be perceived to be anything other than fair. It’s clear that we didn’t quite get that balance right. But we are doubling down now to ensure that we do it.”

Wilson’s comments at least sound encouraging where he speaks of game balance, and admits that EA got it wrong with Battlefront 2– but given how egregious and blatant EA has been with its money grubbing maneuvers, I am not inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt on additional game monetization just yet. They have a long way to go if they want to win some trust and goodwill back.

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EH, in my opinion, you are doing it for your own enjoyment. If you want to spend the money in that way, then it is your money to spend. You are paying for a loot box, you know what you are getting into. I don't see the harm in it.


Cearnsy I agree to a sense, how i would consider it gambling but the player should know themselves that they're a rip off and its sad to see that almost every game is going down this root for a bigger financial gain

The thing is, lootboxes are what mask how big of a ripoff it is. $2 looks cheap but you really only get trash you'll never use most of the time from them.

They refuse to display the odds of the items you'd be interested in to make it impossible to tell just how difficult it is to get the item people want.


Loot boxes that are non tradeable suck. I love a system like pubg and other games were you have a chance at getting a item that is worth allot of money. Also loot boxes that are pay to win are trash I'm only for loot boxes that contain items that do not impact the game it only makes you look bad ass. Lol


I agree to a sense, how i would consider it gambling but the player should know themselves that they're a rip off and its sad to see that almost every game is going down this root for a bigger financial gain


The funny thing is that the CEO is talking about loot boxes like "The law says we can so we are". Morality has been long since gone in the EA business, they KNOW it's technically gambling but hey, if the government says it isn't, then we will nickle and dime the morons and they will get the best of the best in game and the people who want to enjoy will have to be stuck running into a brick wall for 60 hours to get something they want even though they paid 60 USD for it.

**** off EA, I won't be buying anymore of your titles. Loot boxes have ruined modern gaming and I hope companies will learn to get their morality back and stop putting cancer boxes in their games.


Its not like cs go where you can bet your skins, and it is addicting for most people.


I think they are just addictive in a way, as is gambling.


Well because you can't bet them always I would say in game the items are tradable it is


Ofcourse he says that. The money whore ****. Can't play a game without having to pay to win and get good stuff.


Of course he's going to say that. He wants to keep using lot boxes to get more revenue. He's not going to come out and be like "oh yeah btw loot boxes are gambling." It wouldn't make any sense