New Call of Duty: WWII Hot Fix Coming Today; New Update Next Week

Today, in it’s continued efforts to be more transparent with the community, Sledgehammer Games continued its constant support of Call of Duty: WWII in the form of a brand new Hot Fix, and it adds some highly requested changes from the community.

First and foremost, six weapons had some of their stats changed. The Grease Gun and the Lee Enfield had their aim-down-sight (ADS) transition times buffed, while the Kar98K (the sniper rifle that most players use for quickscoping) had its ADS transition time nerfed. In addition to that, the FG42 rifle had both its recoil and fire rate buffed. The Combat Shotgun also had its Max Damage range slightly nerfed. Finally, we have the most significant change coming with the Hot Fix: the Sawed-Off Shotgun, a weapon that has been a subject of many complaints ever since the game launched, due to its incredibly low damage, and long reload times. The weapon’s Mid and Max range damage have been buffed, the number of pellets needed to kill an enemy has been decreased, and the reload time has been decreased, however, to keep things balanced, its hip-fire spread has been increased.

Two maps also saw some very changes. On Sainte Marie du Mont the defensive positions have been moved, and on London Docks the CTF flag positions have also been changed.

Sledgehammer Games also revealed that another update will be coming next week, which will include health regen improvements, as well as the addition of Winter Carentan, a map that was previously only available during the game’s Winter Siege event, to the standard map rotation.

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Famous Dupe is going to get patched hands down,

well no shit, they're probably not going to let a huge glitch to continue in the game. If not, i dont think sledgehammer should keep creating call of duties.


Dupe is going to get patched hands down,


Let's see if they patch the duping method next week or soon, and good the kar 98 got nerfed.


I wonder if duping is patched yet


Gotta get on and check on the nerfed Kar

heard one of the variants didn't get patched


Hope to see this hotfix patch the duping of accounts.