Pokemon GO Ending Support for Apple Devices Unable to Upgrade to iOS11

Pokemon GO has stayed strong in giving players the chance to go out and become a Pokemon Master, and while the app has been accessible for quite some time on a number of smart devices, the end is nigh for a few older generation devices, starting with Apple products.

In an update from developer Niantic, the company announced that support for older Apple devices for Pokemon GO will be phased out at the end of February 2018. Specifically, this will be applied to iOS devices that are incapable of upgrading to iOS 11 (the latest major OS update for the platform), with Niantic explicitly mentioning devices such as the iPhone 5 and 5c models.

Niantic explained that this change “is a result of improvements to Pokemon GO that push the application beyond the capabilities of the operating systems on such devices,” and those with a device that will be incompatible with the game after February 28th, 2018 will need to either upgrade or switch to a different, more recent smart device.

Given that the game launched in summer 2016, it’s expected that the more recent versions of the game might exceed older generation hardware, and might give an incentive for those players on older smart devices the incentive to upgrade to a new device. This includes some of the new features added to the game, such as the recently-added AR+ mode in the title.

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Ha could of seen this coming lol, does it really matter the game is a flop now anyways lol.


Doesn't surprise me, a lot of app developers do this. However I am surprised that people even play anymore since it died so quickly and wasn't that great


Dang that sucks for the people who can't afford newer phones......


This game got really boring for me within like 3 weeks, so this takes no effect to me at all lol


Surprised this game even matters anymore. Never got into it.


I'm surprised people are still playing this game, it was all hyped for a few days then it died down a lot


It's like how apple slowed down older phones this is what they are doing lol


Do people still play this game??


Just really surprised people still play this game it's getting kinda old now


Haven't played this game since the first week of release, I heard there's a Harry Potter GO game coming out though - hype hype hype.