Ubisoft is Giving Away 2 Free Games on PC This Holiday

Long before Massive Entertainment was developing third-person action RPGs for Ubisoft, the developer made World in Conflict, a real-time strategy game set in an alternate timeline where World War III is kicked off in 1989. And you can grab it right now for free thanks to Ubisoft's latest giveaway.

Just as the publisher began a weeklong giveaway of Watch Dogs last month, World in Conflict Complete Edition is now free to claim via Uplay for the next seven days. The Complete Edition arrives with the base game as well as the Soviet Assault expansion pack, which lets you experience the war from the Soviet Union's perspective.

Note that if you're planning to play the game's multiplayer portion, Ubisoft shut down the official game servers back in 2015. However, there is a community made alternative that can be found here, which restores all multiplayer functionality.

This is an excellent opportunity to grab the game for no charge, considering that it can no longer be bought via Steam or even the Ubisoft Store, with only GOG offering the complete edition for $9.99.

You can grab your free copy of World in Conflict: Complete Edition by going to the Ubisoft's giveaway page here. The giveaway will come to an end on December 11 at 10am UTC. Moreover, Ubisoft will be giving away one of its most popular Assassin's Creed games, Black Flag, next week. This giveaway is slated to begin on December 12 and run through December 18.

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Source: https://www.neowin.net/news/world-in-conflict-complete-edition-is-being-given-away-for-free-on-uplay


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wow - shame I missed out, hopefully they decide to do the freebies again soon.


Shit two free games count me in Ubisoft.


Might have to download just to give it a try