Twitch streamer broadcasts pay-per-view fight by pretending it’s UFC 3

Twitch Streamer Lester_Gaming has dodged Twitch’s content filters to broadcast the UFC 218 pay-per-view in full by pretending to play EA’s UFC 3.

Lester has since deleted the VOD of the stream, but tweets showing him playing along as Max Holloway retained the UFC featherweight title against Jose Aldo have gone viral on Twitter, having been favourited nearly 150,000 times.

Coming off the back of a 90-day ban for streaming NBA games through his YouTube channel, Lester avoided Twitch moderators by pressing buttons and adding his own running commentary as the action unfolded – even raging at the screen when “[he] blocked that”.

Nonplussed about his new-found fame, Lester said: “If I go live again tomorrow, I won’t even have a hundred people in here.”

The viral video more than doubled the streamer’s follow count, flooding his inbox with notifications from Twitch.

“Follows went through the roof,” he said in a follow-up stream. “That shit was out of control.”

The exposure doesn’t seem to have to deterred Lester from his streaming schedule either. The next UFC 219 pay-per-view event is on December 30, and when asked whether “UFC 2(k)19” will make an appearance on his channel, he said:

“I stream all the UFCs, so I’m not worried about that. You better follow me on LiveRaise, if I don’t stream on Twitch, I’m always streaming on LiveRaise.

“Is UFC 2(k)19 out on Dec 30? Yes it will be. I’ll be testing that out.”

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What a legend lol mad props to him for pretending to play for all those hours.


This was fantastic, can't believe he didn't get caught.


Why would people post the pics afterwards?


Leave it to the people who enjoyed tf out of that stream to get him caught up by reposting pics of what he was doing after deleting his vod...


This guy is a complete legend,


-Silky How did they not notice like comon.

I think it's a bot that goes through and tries to regcognize things like cursing, movies, etc. And if the bot picks up common controller usage movement, it probably voids its filtration and moves on?

That's just a personal opinion. However, now, the moderators can clearly see he is break the Terms and Conditions and have full right to ban/suspend his account.


How did they not notice like comon.


What a savage holy crap! wonder if he or twitch is gonna get in trouble


Lmao this dude is a legend for that.


Not going to lie, he needs to be careful. Still, ingenious. Props to him.