God of War Release Date Potentially Leaked

God of War is one of PlayStation’s most exciting and brutal games that’s coming in 2018, and the release date might now finally have a release date thanks to two supposed leaks.

Retail listings for the upcoming God of War game have gone up on two different retail sites, one of them being the Greece-based Gamescom retailer. Along with the game’s price and description, instead of a generic end-of-the-year release date that acts as a simple placeholder, the listing has May 23, 2018, as the release date for God of War.

One retailer listing that date as a release timeframe for the game may be enough to raise suspicion without getting too excited, but when a second retailer has another listing that has the same date, it lends some credibility to the apparent leak. According to VG24, God of War received another leaked release date from a European retailer, and the best part about the news is that it matches up to Gamescom’s projected date.

The released date hasn’t been confirmed at this point with “early 2018” being the timeframe that’s repeatedly been given instead of an actual date. Even so, these dates don’t appear to be any sort of a placeholder given that they’re pretty specific compared to other generic dates. Releasing the game in May might not be quite as early in 2018 as God of War veterans would hope for with the May 23 date coming almost six months into the year, but even better news than a confirmed release date would be that the date gets pushed up.

God of War recently received a new trailer during Paris Games Week that showed the iconic Kratos and his son, Atreus, as they took on exotic enemies in the game’s new environment. The trailer was just one of many that have been released for the game in recent months among gameplay and development podcasts, but the head of Sony Santa Monica said that the most recent trailer is just a small piece what waits for players.

God of War is still slated to be released early in 2018 until a release date is confirmed.

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Really can't wait to play this


Early 2018 isn't awful, I honestly can't wait to grab this!