Apple warns of possible screen burn-in on new iPhone X

You just shelled out almost $1,000 for your new iPhone X (unless you got it on eBay or got the solar-panel model), and you can't wait to try out all the new features and that Super Retina OLED display. Just don't keep the screen on full brightness for extended periods of time, or you could experience some screen burn-in effects.

The effect, also known as "image persistence," can be a problem with the new displays, although it is a common one with the OLED screens, as an Apple support document states:

This can occur in more extreme cases such as when the same high contrast image is continuously displayed for prolonged periods of time. We’ve engineered the Super Retina display to be the best in the industry in reducing the effects of OLED "burn-in."

And just what is Apple doing to reduce those burn-in effects? Apparently, it is something in the code of iOS 11, discovered when the gold master version hit the web last month

To mitigate the possibility of those haunting ghost images, Apple suggests keeping auto-brightness on the phone turned on, and adjust the settings so that the screen shuts off shortly after you aren't using it anymore. And whatever you do, don't use max brightness for extended periods of time. If an app calls for that, however, or keeps the same image displayed for any length of time, make sure you adjust it in the phone's control center. If you do that, you likely won't have to worry about replacing the screen for awhile.

The document also warns of slight shifts in color if the device is viewed at an off-angle, another "expected" issue for OLEDs.

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im gonna be **** pissed if this happens to me


so much money for the device yet it still has flaws..